Just a simple maker living in Thailand working on a variety of things.  The knives are mainly stock removal fabrication but some forge work as well. I work exclusively in High Carbon steels either O1 or 1095.  I personally do all of the fabrication myself, including the custom leather sheaths.  I offer most of the knives as a "semi-custom" option.  Meaning you can select your scales, liner colors as well as pins.

Shipping is easy as I keep an office in the USA and trans ship there.  They in turn send the knife directly to you via a reliable and insured method.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, if you have any issues with the knife you receive I will immediately refund your money.  All you need do is pay shipping back to my USA office. 

It would be an honor to build a blade for you!

Please drop me a line on my contact page, for a discussion on your personal knife build. 

All the Best,

Neil Yeager