A long road to get here.


I like to say I began making knives before knives were Cool! Long before the TV stars of Forged In Fire were ever even imagined!  In the mid 1970's I started making Buckskinner knives for reenactors.  Not much of a knife by today's standards but a knife none the less.

I have been making knives regularly now for close to 6 years.  I make what I refer to as a Camp Knife.  An all around hard working basic knife for all kinds of camp chores from carving and fire starting to food and game prep. I have 2 basic styles of full tang knives the medium camp and a large camp. I am now designing a series of hidden tang Scandinavian styles as well.

I personally do each and every process in the knife builds.  From design through final packaging all operations are done by me in my shop.  I also do all of the leather work for the sheaths. 

My aim is to build a beautiful, functional and long lasting knife that will give you years of service and become one of the most valued items in your kit.