• Cleaning Services for All Types of Firearms
  • Aftermarket Sight Installation or Replacement
  • Aftermarket Trigger Kit Installations
  • Cerakote Finishing
  • Recoil Pad Installation or Replacement
  • Sling Swivel Installation or Replacement
  • Scope Installation/Bore Sighting/Range Sighting
  • Cold Blueing
  • Stock Repair/Refinish/Restoration
  • Stock Bedding/Pillar Bedding/Free Floating/Pressure Bedding
  • Install/Adjust Iron Sights
  • Accessorizing Firearms
  • And much more. 

Some of our Services

  • Certified Practical Gunsmith
  • Certified Sig P320 Armorer
  • Certified Cowboy Action Armorer
  • Firearm Transfer Services